Calibration FAQ

Frequently asked questions about calibrating Tinytag data loggers.

1. What is a Calibration Certificate?

A calibration certificate provides verification for a customer that their data logger has been checked and has been found to be reading within the specification quoted on the unit's data sheet. Data loggers are compared to a reference meter that has been calibrated in a UKAS approved laboratory, and calibration certificates give traceability back to national standards.

2. What Does a Calibration Certificate Tell Me?

A calibration certificate lists the value recorded by the reference meter (the temperature or humidity at which the data logger was tested), the value recorded by the data logger and the error between the two readings (the certificate will also show readings before and after any adjustment made to the unit where appropriate).

In addition to the reading information, calibration certificates also list the test method and the details of the equipment used to provide traceability back to national standards.

3. Are Tinytag Data Loggers Calibrated?
Tinytag data loggers are guaranteed to meet the specification quoted on their data sheets for a twelve month period from the point of purchase. Calibration certificates can be provided with a new data logger if required, for an additional charge, and Tinytag data loggers can be returned for a service calibration at any time.
4. How often should I have the Calibration of my Tinytag Data Loggers Checked?

Typically we would suggest that loggers are checked annually. Critical or high accuracy applications may call for more regular checks however.

5. How Long are Calibration Certificates Valid For?
Calibration certificates do not have a valid period, they are simply a statement of what the unit was reading when it was tested.
6. At What Points Can You Calibrate?
We can calibrate temperature data loggers between -20 and 150°C, and humidity data loggers between 20 and 90% RH (at 25°C).
7. What Does a Service Calibration Cover?
As well as the issuing of a calibration certificate, we also replace the unit's battery and any seals or desiccant packs (if present).

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