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An invaluable data logging software package, that makes configuring, viewing and analysis of data so easy.

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Tinytag Explorer is an intuitive Windows program for all Tinytag data loggers. A step-by-step launch page provides a simple guide to  set up of a logger and a printable confirmation screen verifies your settings.

Offloaded data can be presented either as a summary or in detailed, configurable graphical or tabular views. Data is presented graphically by default, with simple navigation features that allow you to zoom in and scroll through your data. Axes can also be rescaled, line colours changed and notes added for clearer presentation. Also unwanted data can be masked using a 'top and tail feature'. Graphs are also dynamically linked to the tabular and information views, so that changing the view magnification automatically updates the other views. All three views can be exported into MS Excel and Word, either by file export or copy and paste.

Data from multiple logging runs or multiple loggers can be easily combined into the same graph or table, allowing easier analysis of that data using the comprehensive overlay features.

The software also includes a comprehensive, illustrated help file to take you through the basics as well as the more advanced features and a printed getting started guide.

There are minimum specifications to run Tinytag Explorer and a licence agreement that you should be aware of.

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  • Quick to get started, simple step-by-step set up screen
  • Combines data traces from multiple recordings on the same graph
  • Graphical, tabular and information views
  • Supports Txt, CSV, Excel, and XML export formats, or simply copy and paste
  • Choice of data views or presentations - concise graphs and tables
  • Bulk Offload Tool
  • Run ID feature creates a unique traceable code for each recording
  • integrated calibrations reminder facility
  • Illustrated and comprehensive ‘Help’ file
  • Current reading feature that allows you to check your loggers
  • Multiple language support

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