Data logger battery life

Advice on expected battery life.

With typical use, most data loggers will have a battery life of at least two to three years.

For most recent data logger models - Talk 2, Ultra 2, Plus 2, View 2, Aquatic 2 and Splash 2 - Tinytag Explorer software will warn a user when the battery in their unit is getting flat.

When data loggers are started in Tinytag Explorer the software checks the unit's battery status and advises if it needs replacing. If the battery is very low, the software will prevent the user starting the unit so that data is not lost.

The battery status of a data logger can be checked at any time by performing a current reading in Tinytag Explorer.

(There is no low battery warning on a data logger itself, the red LED most units are fitted with is part of the logger's alarm feature.)

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