Radio/LAN Spares — ACS-0040

ACS-0040 RJ45 shroud for Tinytag Plus Radio ethernet receiver

RJ45 waterproof (IP67) shroud

Product description

A waterproof shroud shroud that is fitted over a standard RJ45 cable when connecting to the Plus Radio Ethernet receiver and Plus LAN data loggers. The shroud protects the connection from moisture and dust in industrial applications.

Compatible with: ACSRF-4040, TE-4021, TE-4022, TE-4024, TE-4101, TE-4102, TE-4201, TE-4202, TE-4500, TE-4502, TE-4703, TE-4704, TE-4743, TE-4744, TE-4804, TE-4844, TE-4901, TE-4904