Radio/LAN Spare


RJ45 waterproof (IP67) shroud

A waterproof shroud shroud that is fitted over a standard RJ45 cable when connecting to the Plus Radio Ethernet receiver and Plus LAN data loggers. The shroud protects the connection from moisture and dust in industrial applications. Not suitable for outdoor use

Compatible with: ACSRF-4040, TE-4021, TE-4022, TE-4024, TE-4101, TE-4102, TE-4201, TE-4202, TE-4500, TE-4502, TE-4703, TE-4704, TE-4743, TE-4744, TE-4804, TE-4844, TE-4901, TE-4904

ACS-0040 RJ45 shroud for Tinytag Plus Radio ethernet receiver

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