Radio/LAN Spares — CAB-0037-XM

CAB-0037-XM extension cable for Tinytag Plus Radio power supply

Plus Radio power extension cable for ACS-0044, up to 10m

Product description

An extension cable for use with the Plus Radio power supply. This cable can be used to extend the length of a power cable to a data logger by up to 10m.

Compatible with: TGRF-4021, TGRF-4022, TGRF-4024, TGRF-4101, TGRF-4102, TGRF-4201, TGRF-4202, TGRF-4500, TGRF-4502, TGRF-4703, TGRF-4704, TGRF-4743, TGRF-4744, TGRF-4804, TGRF-4844, TGRF-4901, TGRF-4904