Facilities Management

Tinytags provide environmental monitoring locally or throughout an entire building.

Tinytags are ideal for indoor monitoring. The discreet, flexible units may be used for short periods to trouble-shoot conditions in a particular area, or for longer periods in multiple locations to build up profiles. Data from loggers monitoring different parameters can be combined for an integrated picture of building performance.


Energy efficiency and energy management

Tinytags monitor power usage and environmental conditions locally or throughout premises, helping to identify where steps can be taken to improve energy efficiency and maximise cost savings.

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HVAC/Environmental management

Environmental monitoring can help assess energy efficiency and also help validate whether heating, air-conditioning or climate control systems are working correctly.

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Refurbishment projects

Tinytags are used to assess environmental conditions and improvements during building refurbishment projects, and are frequently used to compare ‘before’ and ‘after’ situations.

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Housing and domestic properties

Tinytags are used to assess the performance of heating and ventilation systems, and building products such as insulation materials, as well as overall energy efficiency.

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Educational establishments

Tinytags help ensure that correct environmental conditions and optimum air quality are maintained, including helping to prevent a CO2 build up in densely occupied areas.

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Offices/workplaces and public buildings

Data logging can help assess overall building energy efficiency. It will also help ensure the comfort and wellbeing of occupants, and record conditions to comply with H&S regulations.

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Industrial premises

The energy logger monitors power usage in power-hungry premises and high consumption equipment, while other Tinytags may be used to monitor environmental conditions in the workplace.

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Monitor temperature, relative humidity, power usage, CO2, voltage, current and count with Tinytag Data Loggers.

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