Facilities Management

Refurbishment projects

Tinytags are used to assess environmental conditions and improvements during building refurbishment projects, and are frequently used to compare ‘before’ and ‘after’ situations.

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Tinytags monitor temp/RH to help assess energy performance in buildings

Tinytags help evaluate energy performance of new and refurbished buildings

Monitoring temperature and relative humidity with Tinytag data loggers helps assess the performance of energy saving initiatives.

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Tinytag Ultra 2 and Transit 2 data loggers monitor temperature and relative humidity

Tinytags used for indoor temperature/relative humidity monitoring

Tinytags monitor temperatures in server rooms, and throughout the workplace as part of an environmental sustainability audit.

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Tinytag CO2 data loggers monitor air quality and energy efficiency

Carbon dioxide data loggers have been used to help determine air quality and help assess the performance of building ventilation systems.

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Using data loggers to help improve home energy efficiency

Tinytag temperature data loggers have been playing a part in indoor energy monitoring in an energy-related housing retrofit scheme.

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