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Essential temperature monitoring at every stage of the food industry.

Tinytags are used extensively in the food industry where it is critical that temperatures are accurately maintained at specified levels and recorded for ongoing verification. Loggers are used to ensure compliance with industry-wide environmental, health and safety regulations including HACCP measures. They are used throughout the food cycle and the cold chain.



Tinytag loggers are robust, waterproof and easy to clean, and help verify conditions during initial processing of ingredients through cooking, chilling, freezing and flash freezing.

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Storage/distribution/cold chain

Tinytags provide essential monitoring in warehouses, cold stores and refrigerated delivery vehicles to ensure food and drink products are kept within specified environmental conditions.

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Frozen and chilled food

Tinytag loggers record conditions in refrigerators, freezers and chilled display cabinets in processing plants, storage facilities, restaurants, retail premises and refrigerated delivery vehicles.

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Robust Tinytags are used in industrial dishwashers to help ensure items are washed at the correct temperature. They are also used during sterilisation of food preparation equipment.

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Retail premises/catering

Tinytags are used by retailers and caterers for monitoring temperatures in storage areas, fridges, freezers, chilled display cabinets and vending machines.

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