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Frozen and chilled food

Tinytag loggers record conditions in refrigerators, freezers and chilled display cabinets in processing plants, storage facilities, restaurants, retail premises and refrigerated delivery vehicles.

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Tinytag data loggers for monitoring temperature controlled packaging

Tinytags Monitor Performance of Temperature Controlled Packaging

Tinytag data loggers are used to monitor the performance of temperature controlled packaging boxes for use throughout the cold chain.

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Tinytag temperature data loggers monitor in refrigerated vehicles and cold stores

Data Loggers Monitor Temperature in Refrigerated Vehicles and Cold Rooms

Radio data loggers monitor cold stores, while refrigerated transport vehicles are fitted with stand-alone temperature data loggers.

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Tinytag temperature data loggers for energy efficiency monitoring BFFF

Assisting the British Frozen Food Federation in Energy Savings Research

The BFFF helps the frozen food industry understand the importance of using data loggers to help improve temperature management and energy efficiency in the cold chain.

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Radio data logging system for monitoring cheese production, cold storage and transportation

Radio Data Loggers Monitor Temperatures for Cheese Production and Distribution

Tinytag radio data loggers provide essential temperature monitoring for a leading cheese manufacturer during processing, cold storage and refrigerated distribution.

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Tinytag data logger monitors during food cooking and processing

Supermarket Chilled Meals Rely on Temperature Data Loggers

Chilled ready-meals supplier uses temperature data loggers to monitor food cooking processes and cold storage.

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Tinytag temp/RH loggers monitor salads during refrigerated distribution

Temperature/RH Data Loggers Help Eliminate Wastage in the Food Cold Chain

Tinytag temperature and humidity data loggers provide essential monitoring for a salad producer during refrigerated distribution.

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