Museums & Conservation

Tinytags help maintain ideal conditions within museums, art galleries, archives and other conservation areas.

Tinytags are used in museums, art galleries, archives and other conservation areas to monitor the environmental conditions of historic, sensitive and valuable items. An important part of maintaining a stable environment for such unique exhibits and archive material is accurate temperature and humidity monitoring of the conditions that can affect them.


Display, Storage and Conservation

Tinytags are used in the display, storage and conservation of sensitive items. They can be supplied in unobtrusive colours so as not to detract from exhibits. Probed versions are available for sealed display cases or difficult to reach areas.

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Temperature and humidity loggers can help ensure that the correct environmental conditions are maintained during the transportation of sensitive items and artefacts.

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Building Monitoring

Temperature, humidity and CO2 loggers can be used effectively within public buildings such as museums to help ensure adequate ventilation and climate control levels are maintained.Loggers can also help to identify where steps can be taken to improve energy efficiency.

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