Museums & Conservation

Building Monitoring

Temperature, humidity and CO2 loggers can be used effectively within public buildings such as museums to help ensure adequate ventilation and climate control levels are maintained.Loggers can also help to identify where steps can be taken to improve energy efficiency.

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Tinytag Ultra 2 temperature and humidity data logger National Museum Cardiff

Collection care and energy saving at National Museum Cardiff

Tinytag temperature and relative humidity data loggers were used in trials to monitor environmental conditions in display galleries.

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Tinytag data loggers aid the conservation of historic ships

The National Museum of the Royal Navy has recently acquired a number of new Tinytag Plus 2 data loggers to extend the conservation work to more historic British battleships.

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Tinytag Ultra 2 data loggers monitoring before and after insulation performance

Tinytags help evaluate church hall insulation project

Tinytag temperature/relative humidity loggers are used to evaluate before and after performance of a church hall insulation project.

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