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Robust Tinytags are suitable for use in industrial processes including in research facilities.

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Tinytags Used to Verify Temperatures in Steel Corrosion Testing

Tinytag data loggers are used to monitor the temperature of a waterbath to ensure correct conditions are maintained for steel corrosion testing.

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Tinytag Ultra 2 thermocouple logger used for research into lime production

Thermocouple Data Logger Used in Lime Production Research

A Tinytag thermocouple data logger is being used in research to record rises in temperature at different intervals in the lime production processes.

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electric car

Electric Car Project Benefits From Tinytag Technology

A Tinytag voltage data logger has been used to help improve engine efficiency for an entry in a schools electric car challenge.

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Solar Team GB's trial car

Solar Team GB uses Tinytags for Solar Car Challenge

A robust data logger provided key temperature information during trials of the Solar Team Great Britain vehicle.

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