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Tinytag data loggers used in quality testing of cell culture incubators

Baker Ruskinn uses Tinytag temperature and relative humidity data loggers for final testing and quality control of cell culture workstations.

Baker Ruskinn manufactures and markets medical incubated workstations which mimic the physiological conditions found inside the human body. The workstations regulate temperature, humidity and gas levels to simulate bodily environments, such as those existing within the heart, lungs, kidney or brain.

Baker Ruskinn workstations are used in microbiology, cancer research, stem cell treatments, cell therapy and regenerative medicine laboratories. By using Baker Ruskinn's incubators, scientists can better understand how cells behave within the body, enabling greater understanding of various diseases, such as cancers, diabetes and many neurological disorders.

As part of Baker Ruskinn's final product testing and quality control, the performance of the workstations' gas, temperature and humidity regulators is checked to ensure that they regulate environments as expected.

To measure the performance of the temperature and humidity regulators, Baker Ruskinn uses Tinytag Ultra 2 TGU-4500 dual channel temperature and relative humidity data loggers.

Six Tinytags are used in total in the quality control laboratory, with one logger placed in the working area of each finished incubator during the testing period. The data loggers are placed inside the units and measure temperature and relative humidity levels over a period of time to test the units' overall operating stability. Temperature is also monitored at specific values to check that the machines can reach and maintain temperature. The data from the loggers is then used to calibrate the unit's temperature control.

Some workstations facilitate experiments lasting 120 days, so it is crucial that the units are able to maintain the correct environmental levels without fluctuation. Tinytag data loggers are guaranteed to meet the accuracy stated on their specification for one year from the point of purchase, meaning that Tinytags are a reliable choice for use in quality control. Regular service calibration by Gemini Data Loggers also supports quality testing by providing certification that the data logger's accuracy is traceable to National Standards.

For Baker Ruskinn, Tinytags have proved to be an easy-to-use and dependable solution for product and quality testing over the 14 years that they have been using them. Richard Pennock, a quality controller for Baker Ruskinn, comments on his experience using Tinytags. "Tinytags are extremely easy to set up and download," he says. "We've never had any problems or issues with them."

Gemini Data Loggers is an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, making Tinytag data loggers a straightforward and trusted solution for enhancing quality control and product testing.

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