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Carbon Dioxide data loggers monitor emissions in school science classrooms

A Tinytag CO2 data logger has been used to monitor carbon dioxide levels in school science classrooms, in order to help maintain indoor air quality.

The carbon dioxide measurement device was supplied for use in a school laboratory, to monitor emissions and help ensure that classroom ventilation systems are operating effectively.

The Tinytag CO2 logger has been employed by leading Maintenance and Engineering Contractor The Dowds Group, who deal with projects across the UK. Nigel Connolly is the Manager of the Projects and Maintenance Department, dealing mainly with bespoke client projects, and was recently asked by a client to supply a CO2 logger for use in the school.

The carbon dioxide logger is moved regularly from room to room: the recorded data is analysed by the client and corrective action taken if required.

Nigel comments, "After researching the loggers on the internet, we were happy that the Tinytag CO2 logger met the client's requirements. I am very satisfied with the logger as it did exactly what it was designed for, and I was very pleased with all the technical support provided."

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