Tinytag Count Loggers Used to Monitor and Assess Water Usage in Hospital Wards

Tinytag count loggers have been deployed to monitor water meters for analysing consumption and usage profiles to hospital wards.

As part of the building automation equipment and energy management system, the count loggers are a flexible and effective tool in analysing water consumption and usage profiles, to enable the correct sizing of new mechanical plant.

Building Services Controls Ltd (BSC) provides building energy management control solutions to both the commercial and residential market, throughout Wales and the UK. As part of its service installing building automation equipment and energy management systems, the company has used the count loggers for analysing consumption and usage profiles, to enable the correct sizing of new mechanical plant.

The monitoring was necessary to allow system designers to adequately size water boosting equipment to ensure correct provision of hot water supplies to the hospital wards, to ensure that all the extremities of the hot water system could achieve the correct water flows regardless of any fluctuations on mains water supply pressures or other primary plant influences.

In this case, it was necessary to understand how much water was being used in an area, when that water was being used, and importantly, what peak water flows were required. BSC used Tinytag Re-Ed TGPR 1201 count loggers to provide this metering, and this has meant that the booster set can be sized-based on actual data rather than an estimated or educated guess. It will also ensure that any disruption during installation and setup can be kept to a minimal level.

Although the site has energy management equipment that could be brought into use, using a Tinytag device proved to be the fastest and most cost-effective way of providing the data, with flexible period settings, peaks, minimums etc. all catered for within a simple software interface. The portability of the units means that no wiring is necessary and no disruption to any plant occurred.

Simon Williams, Senior Commissioning Engineer at BSC is responsible for the software programming and commissioning of energy management systems. Simon comments, "Using Tinytag data loggers is a simple, but extremely powerful way of providing data to improve management of buildings and plant, enabling you to accurately monitor at a whim!"

Based in Swansea, since 1996 Building Services Controls Ltd has provided control solutions to both public and private sectors, providing solutions including metering, energy consumption reporting, energy cost reporting, weighted consumption data, energy efficiency reporting and CO2 emission reporting.

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