Using Tinytag temp/RH data loggers for environmental performance analysis

Tinytag temperature and relative humidity data loggers are used as an integral part of building monitoring services.

Tinytags are left to record conditions to help with building environmental performance analysis in premises such as offices, workplaces, retail sites and residential properties.

Tinytag temp/RH data loggers for building services monitoring

Building services maintenance consultancy MBE Consultants cover a variety of premises large and small, with clients including large corporates as well as national agencies and institutions. MBE's clients frequently require an investigation into conditions within their buildings, typically in areas where environmental issues have arisen. After a suitable assessment, MBE then report on the findings and make recommendations. Tinytag TinyTalk temperature and humidity data loggers are used in pairs to determine what is actually happening in such areas. The data loggers record conditions over a set period of time and the information is analysed. They are placed in strategic positions to accurately measure the data and demonstrate to users that the issues are being investigated.

Once the data is downloaded, it is clearly displayed using the easy to use Tinytag Explorer software. The data is analysed to determine the actual environmental performance and compared to both the perceived and required conditions. The local conditions are reviewed to determine factors affecting the performance and reported back to the client.

MBE chose the Tinytalk data loggers as they are small, easy to set up and flexible. The units are accurate, cost-effective, discrete, have a long life and batteries can easily be changed.

Kevin Hinson, a Director at MBE Consultants commented, "The Tinytalk data loggers have provided us with an easy to use tool that gives us the ability to collect data effectively and efficiently, so enabling us to meet our client demands to report quickly. Being small and robust we sometimes send out and receive back the data loggers by post. The Tinytalk loggers do exactly what we require."

MBE Consultants are a small independent company that provide the highest professional and quality building services maintenance consultancy service to building owners and users, giving undisputed value for money and an assurance of continued involvement at all levels of the client business.

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