Monitoring electrical energy consumption to identify usage patterns

Identifying electrical consumption is of key importance in helping to reduce and control energy usage and costs.

Power usage monitoring with the Tinytag Energy Logger, and analysis of results, can help identify how much electrical energy is used over a given time period and demonstrate the patterns of usage.

Tinytag Energy Logger Recording

Practical methods of identifying clients' electrical usage are of key importance for specialist installers Ian Webb Electrical.

As part of their service, the company helps businesses to control and reduce their electrical energy usage and costs by effective monitoring and analysis. I Webb Electrical uses the Tinytag Energy Data Logger to identify how much electrical energy is used over a given time period, and to demonstrate to the business owner the patterns of usage.

Tinytag Explorer software is used to prepare detailed reports enabling the client to make informed decisions.

Typically, the Energy Logger is used in commercial premises such as large and small industrial units, social clubs, distribution warehouses, hotels and retail premises. The logger is connected to the mains incoming supply, usually for one week; however, where relevant, the monitoring period is extended to particular areas, normally at the request of the client when they want more specific usage data. Results are used to identify areas of power wastage where interventions can be installed such as low energy fittings, occupancy control, timers, etc. in order to improve efficiency and costs.

I Webb Electrical Ltd MD Ian Webb comments, "The Tinytag Energy Logger is compact, competitively priced and value for money. Both the logger and the desktop software are easy to use, and we are delighted that we have been able to assist our clients in saving significant amounts of money by reducing their energy bills".

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