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Temperature/RH data loggers help eliminate wastage in the food cold chain

Tinytag temperature and humidity data loggers provide essential monitoring for a salad producer during refrigerated distribution.

Data loggers are used during the temperature controlled distribution of leafy salads, to help reduce wastage, and ensure that stringent quality standards are maintained throughout the cold chain.

Tinytag temp/RH loggers monitor salads during refrigerated distribution

Langmead Farms produce leafy salads in the UK and Spain and use Tinytags to help ensure that the food arrives at its final destination in perfect condition.

More than 200 million containers carry perishable foods across the oceans every year. Temperature and humidity control are critical requirements to ensure that the food arrives at its final destination in perfect condition. Chichester based Gemini Data Loggers has been a major supplier to the fresh produce sector for many years, and has developed a range of loggers, probes and software in line with the ever-changing demands of the industry.

One of their customers is Langmead Farms who produce leafy salads in the UK and Spain. Technical Manager, Clare Rapa is all too familiar with the stringent controls needed to be able to supply the major supermarkets.

"This is an exceptionally competitive market to be in and Langmeads have always maintained an innovative approach to every stage of the supply chain. Whilst there are initial costs to be absorbed in embracing new technology, we believe that the long term investment is extremely worthwhile if it means ensuring that quality produce is delivered to a very demanding public time after time".

Today's consumers expect fresh fruit and vegetables of their choice throughout the year which obviously extends shipping and transit times. With Gemini's Tinytag data loggers, temperature and humidity can be recorded and logged to preset parameters and any fluctuations can be identified at any given time of a typical journey in the cold food chain.

Ian Gander, Managing Director at Gemini Data Loggers says that he would "like to feel that our data loggers have been instrumental in helping Langmeads. Our products ensure that top quality produce is delivered to the consumer and that any potential waste from rejected deliveries is eliminated".

For the Farm Group, competitiveness holds the key to future success in their market and the company's significant growth can be directly attributed to the innovation and skills of their technical team.

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