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Tinytag energy logger verifies energy cost savings

Specialist industrial lubricants manufacturer Interflon uses the Tinytag Energy data logger to show its customers how using its products result in energy savings.

Before and after monitoring demonstrates how Interflon’s lubricants can significantly lower friction levels in electrically-driven machinery, in turn lowering energy consumption.

Tinytag energy data logger for monitoring power

Interflon develops and manufactures high quality lubricants - oils, grease, additives, etc. for companies worldwide. Used in CNC centres, gearboxes, compressors and many other types of electrical driven machinery, thanks to Interflon's unique MicPol technology, friction can be significantly lowered, meaning that temperature and energy consumption - as well as maintenance costs - goes down.

The company was finding it difficult to prove to customers that its technology was actually achieving these savings until they came across the Tinytag Energy data logger. The logger enabled them to monitor electrical consumption before and after Interflon technology was used. Data is recorded on a long term basis - one month before and one month after switching to Interflon lubricants - to show the actual electrical consumption and resulting cost savings to customers.

Vít Souček, Interflon's Czech CEO comments, "The Energy Logger is helping us to reach new markets as it allows us to easily demonstrate measurable and proven cost savings: we simply print out a report and give it the customer. It looks very professional and the customer can see data from every single day and review progress. Many of our customers have even bought an Energy Logger for themselves!"

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