Using Tinytags for environmental management in homes and offices

Tinytag data loggers have been used to monitor heating and cooling systems to help maintain energy efficiency.

Temperature and humidity data loggers were used in homes and offices to help determine heat loss and comfort levels. Evaluating overall energy efficiency is a challenge for building developers and essential in ensuring that work complies with building regulations.

The Energy Monitoring Company found a simple solution to overcome this by installing Tinytag Plus data loggers to monitor temperature. By providing a constant temperature measurement data loggers can help to increase the efficiency of cooling and heating systems to ensure that buildings comply with environmental regulations. These robust, waterproof self-contained units can be placed anywhere on the site to ensure optimum measurements.

The Energy Monitoring Company has also used Tinytags to measure temperature, humidity, voltage, and contact closures to determine the energy efficiency and comfort levels in occupied buildings. Applications include installing data loggers in 50 dwellings in Lincolnshire for national Energy Services and conducting a comprehensive environmental assessment of a five storey office building for a London based architectural practice.

"Tinytag data loggers are ideal in assisting us to measure heat loss through certain areas of a building, so that we can recommend where savings can be made," comments Tracy Hill, Managing Director of The Energy Monitoring Company. "They are easy to use and I can check the data quickly and easily through my PC. Our service has made a real difference to our clients and Tinytag loggers have proved instrumental in achieving this for us."

Tinytag data loggers provide effective monitoring of temperature and humidity levels in a variety of applications to suit a range of industries and settings. The stand-alone versions are compact and battery-powered with an extensive memory. They can be connected to a PC using a USB or serial cable, enabling stored data to be downloaded easily through the Tinytag Explorer software, eliminating the need for constant spot checks.

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