Tinytag energy loggers measure power consumption in a hospital

Monitoring power usage across a hospital site provides essential energy consumption data.

Prior to a planned expansion,Tinytag Energy data loggers monitored electrical consumption to provide accurate usage data for planning future energy needs.

Tinytag Energy data loggers at Stockholm Hospital

The hospital in Stockholm was undertaking an expansion programme, and it was therefore important for them to understand their current total power consumption to assess whether their transformers would be adequate to handle the intended development. Consultants BIHAL AB were commissioned to find out this information. Gemini's Swedish distributor Intab supplied them with eight Tinytag Energy data loggers to help achieve this, with measurements taken over a period of two weeks.

Hans Larsén, CEO at BIHAL AB first came in contact with Intab back in the 1980s in pre-Tinytag days when he was the electrical manager at shipping company Posten & PG, where Intab conducted a monitoring analysis of all the cells in the battery banks at UPS facilities. Larsén comments, "I still use Tinytags today, and realised that the Energy Logger would be useful in acquiring the necessary power usage data at the hospital. It proved effective and easy to use for this purpose."

The image shows six of the eight Tinytag Energy data loggers left in place to monitor power consumption

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