Is this the key to energy efficient buildings?

Energy monitoring and efficiency consultants rely on Tinytag data loggers to help evaluate energy efficiency in business and residential premises.

Tinytags are left to record conditions to help with energy efficiency analysis and energy savings. Temperature and humidity data loggers help monitor the performance of heating and ventilation systems and troubleshoot under-performing systems.

Tinytag data loggers for business and residential energy performance monitoring

When it comes to testing the energy efficiency of business and residential structures in demanding environments, then the Tinytags from Gemini Data Loggers are a must. Based in Chichester, West Sussex, Gemini supplies data loggers and probes for many industries to provide accurate temperature and humidity monitoring solutions.

With increasing demands on energy conversation, efficient heating and ventilation of buildings is high on the agenda of property consultants through to specifiers, engineers and installers who strive to reach the holy grail of optimum energy efficiency.

Phil Harvey Commissioning Ltd is a specialist company offering commissioning management services and they carry out systems validation and energy usage surveys for government departments and hospitals etc. They use Tinytag Plus loggers extensively for validations and for troubleshooting under-performing systems.

Phil says, "I find the loggers and associated software to be very user friendly and ideal for the gathering and subsequent presentation of environmental data. They are excellent, reliable products which are backed up with effective and friendly technical support".

The Energy Monitoring Company has also used Tinytags to measure temperature, humidity, voltage, and contact closures to determine the energy efficiency and comfort levels in occupied buildings. Applications include installing data loggers in 50 dwellings in Lincolnshire for National Energy Services and conducting a comprehensive environmental assessment of a five storey office building for a London based architectural practice.

Director Martin Watson said, "We have found Gemini Data Loggers to be very helpful as a company, and their data loggers to be extremely reliable and easy to use'. Tinytag Ultra 2 loggers are also employed to good effect in more demanding environments and are often used to monitor the efficiency of heating and ventilation systems in hospitals and other such buildings which require something robust and durable yet retain the ease and simplicity of use that all Gemini products are renowned for. A number of County Councils have deployed Tinytag Ultra 2's in their Museums and Records offices to ensure controlled levels of temperature and humidity for the safe preservation of artefacts and documents.

Used in conjunction with Tinytag Explorer software, the loggers give fast, accurate and legible data in flexible formats that provide an invaluable back up for auditing purposes. The price of this environmental monitoring technology is competitive too, which leads to savings all round.

A call to Gemini could be your most energy efficient task to date!

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