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Identifying significant energy usage within commercial buildings

A key tool in improving energy efficiency, the Tinytag Energy Logger helps increase energy savings in commercial buildings.

The Tinytag Energy Data Logger monitors power usage, helping customers to reduce their impact on the environment, and control their running costs through improving the energy efficiency of their buildings.

Environmental specialists Green Bridge provide services in the areas of energy, environment and sustainability. They aim find ways to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy waste and ensure that each building can be controlled and managed effectively.

The ability to monitor and record energy consumption profiles for a main supply, sub panel or piece of equipment is essential to the work undertaken. The Tinytag Energy Data Logger is used to provide the information needed to justify implementing changes. It enables the significant energy uses within a building to be established and the quantification of the exact energy consumed by them. This can then be converted into costs, and energy saving actions can be prioritised because of it.

When undertaking site energy surveys, Green Bridge log the main incomer if there is no HHD (Half Hourly Data) meter installed; if there is, the company will establish significant energy uses, such as chillers or lighting and log those to give a clearer picture of where energy is being used. The length of the logging period is dependent on the operating characteristics of the building, but a week is the minimum amount of logging to enable some conclusions to be drawn.

Green Bridge chose the Energy Logger because of the Tinytag reputation in measurement instrumentation: many energy professionals - colleagues and associates - had successfully used Tinytags in the past. In addition, Phil Evans, Managing Director of Green Bridge comments, "The logger was a good price, simple to use, quick to install and gives us the data we need in a standard format".

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