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Tinytags monitor temperature and RH to assess rose growing conditions

Tinytag temperature and humidity data loggers monitor growing conditions to help ensure the production of quality flowers.

Tinytag radio data loggers monitor the growing conditions of roses, and have an alarm to warn of major temperature fluctuations.The Tinytag Plus 2 temp/RH logger has been integrated into a spore sampler to monitor conditions to provide information about disease development and fungicide control.

Tinytag data loggers monitoring rose growing conditions

For professional flower growers, measuring and monitoring the conditions that affect the development of flowers is essential for production of quality stock. Gemini Data Loggers, producers of Tinytag loggers, measure temperature and humidity, either through single wired loggers or through a unique wireless mesh network which can measure multiple sites through one central computer, taking away labour costs and time and producing reliable results.

Roses in particular require stringent conditions to grow properly, and without correct and effective monitoring of the conditions, the reasons for spoiled batches cannot be identified. If the temperature where they are growing fluctuates or decreases considerably, there is a Tinytag logger fitted with an alarm system that can warn the grower of any change above or below the desired temperature. The wireless mesh system allows the grower to monitor several points remotely via one central computer, capturing data via radio waves and limiting laborious spot checking. The loggers also communicate with each other, meaning that any break in normal communication is identified by the loggers, and they will find an alternative logger to communicate with to ensure the data is returned to the receiver and central computer.

Both of these systems mean that growers can now become more sophisticated in monitoring conditions, and they also help reduce the amount of spoiled stock. In addition, the computerised Tinytag Explorer Software can easily create graphs and reports to provide an overview of the whole process, allowing growers to be more accountable if required. Alignment and integration with data loggers with spore samplers (traps) is the only way to actually monitor fungal pathogens and plant diseases. Powdery and downy mildew diseases, the most widespread and damaging on greenhouse-grown roses, are particularly suited to spore sampling and environmental monitoring. With pathogen present and temperature and humidity ripe for spread and development of disease, rose growers can make informed choices and decisions about fungicide control.

Burkard Scientific (Sales) Ltd has developed SporeWatch; to tackle this by integrating the Tinytag Plus 2 logger into an electronically operated spore sampler based on definitive spore trapping technology. By using the logger, it is possible to establish a complete aerobiological environmental monitoring station. Solar panels can be provided for operation of the unit in remote locations lacking in electrical power supply. Robust and hard-wearing, Tinytag loggers have been specifically designed to last, even through adverse conditions. Already widely used in the composting and agriculture industry, Tinytag loggers are ideal for ensuring that data is accurate and as easy to access as possible, reducing hassle for the user and ensuring that growers can become accountable for the conditions that their flowers have grown in.

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