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Tinytags used by the energy saving trust on housing energy efficiency project

Tinytag temperature data loggers have been used on a research project designed to maximise energy efficiency within housing.

The data loggers were left to record temperatures during field trials of advanced heating controls in houses to help establish the levels of energy savings.

The Energy Saving Trust is one of the UK's leading organisations set up to address the damaging effects of climate change. The company has worked on a research project designed to maximise energy efficiency within housing schemes, undertaking field trials of advanced heating controls in a sample of approximately 400 residential homes using Tinytag Transit 2 temperature data loggers.

James Russill, Development Manager at the Energy Saving Trust says: "Gemini Data Loggers has supplied the Energy Saving Trust with very high quality products which met all our specifications at an extremely competitive price. The team's innovative thinking and first-rate customer care has added real value to our project."

The overall objective of the advanced controls field trials was to establish the level of energy savings generated by the new controls, with in-situ measurements being undertaken over an 18 month period. The loggers were posted to the households for self-installation; four non intrusive data loggers being placed in each house, three inside and one outdoor.

Later on, the loggers were retrieved for data download, again by post; the lightweight, small dimensions and robustness of the logger proving advantageous in this respect. Before and after monitoring results will be compared using Tinytag Explorer software and it is anticipated that a 10% saving can be made on household energy bills.

Gemini Data Loggers UK not only met the strict specifications required by the Energy Saving Trust when designing the loggers for this project, it exceeded their requirements by adding more value to the product at a very competitive price. The loggers were more accurate; they were pre-configured so they automatically started logging a few days after posting to the household; their non intrusive design and custom labels helped the users in the task of placing them around their house; and their inductive connection pad enabled a convenient, easy offload of data when using the 'bulk logger tool' in the Tinytag Explorer software.

Tinytag data loggers have been successfully used in many other building energy efficiency projects to ensure maximum comfort for occupants and to protect contents. Such companies want to monitor their HVAC system to help instigate changes to office temperature for a much healthier and comfortable working environment.

Other businesses use the data loggers in their fight against Legionella or to meet health and safety regulations. The low cost, reliability factor and ease of use has also been favoured by universities, who have used the loggers on many important missions worldwide to understand the impact of global warming.

Tinytag data loggers are an economic monitoring solution to many different energy efficiency missions. The data loggers form part of the initial research and understanding needed to set practical, workable energy efficiency goals for a whole variety of projects and to evaluate and validate test markets or strategies along the way.

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