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Tinytags monitor storage temperature of orthopaedic implants

Tinytag data loggers provide essential temperature/RH monitoring in a storeroom for sensitive orthopaedic implants.

Recording and analysis of temperature and relative humidity data in climate controlled storage areas ensures that medical orthopaedic implants are kept in the correct conditions.

Birmingham based Jointmedica Ltd designs and manufactures cutting-edge orthopaedic implants for distribution to hospitals throughout the UK.

The company's products have to be kept within a certain temperature tolerance, and a Tinytag View 2 temp/RH data logger is located in the storeroom to ensure that the orthopaedic implants are kept within these specified conditions.

The recorded information is downloaded monthly and analysed to make sure that the temperature in the storeroom is within accepted tolerances. Nina Bennion, Accounts and Customer Services Manager at Jointmedica comments, "Tinytags were recommended to us by our Quality Manager and we have been very satisfied with their performance."

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