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Tinytags help protect museum collections alerting of temperature and humidity fluctuations

Tinytag data loggers monitor museum temperature and humidity to help assess potential risks to collections, and help ensure their preservation and conservation.

Tinytag data loggers continually record temperature and humidity in museums, galleries and stores to assist with the preservation and conservation of the collections. These measuring devices help to identify when action needs to be taken to avoid damage to the items.

Tinytag temperature and relative humidity data loggers for museum and conservation monitoring

St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum is using seven Tinytag Ultra data loggers in its galleries and stores to monitor the temperature and relative humidity every ten minutes. This is important as the collections can be damaged if subjected to high variations in temperature and humidity. The monitoring equipment allows Museum Curator Samantha Bannerman to check the conditions in which the collections are displayed and stored, and to make changes to the environment where necessary.

Data from the loggers is downloaded on a monthly basis, and used to produce a report on the conditions of the galleries and store. Based on the results, decisions can be taken, for example, to alter the heating to specific spaces or introduce a dehumidifier if necessary.

Samantha comments, "Tinytag loggers are quick and easy to use in the Museum, and they provide detailed readings that are invaluable when it comes to maintaining the best possible environmental conditions for our collections. They have a long battery life, and their discreet design means that they aren't noticeable when located in the gallery."

The St Andrews Preservation Trust aims to maintain and develop the Museum as an integral part of its organisation and to document, conserve and expand the collections in keeping with the collections policy adopted as an Accredited Museum. The Trust aims to display and interpret the collections for the enjoyment and education of local residents and visitors to St Andrews and to support research into the Town's history. The Museum purchased the loggers using a Preventive Conservation grant from the Association of Independent Museums (AIM).

The image shows the Tinytag Ultra Data Loggers and the thermograph equipment they replaced.

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