Tinytag Radio data logging system provides warehouse temperature monitoring

Radio temperature data loggers are used in a pharmaceutical warehouse to provide effective temperature monitoring.

Tinytag radio data loggers monitor the temperature in climate controlled storage areas, as well as providing environmental monitoring in a server room to prevent overheating.

Temperature monitoring in a pharmaceutical warehouse

Leading medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturer STD Pharmaceutical Products Ltd is using the Tinytag Radio Data Logging System to ensure that its sensitive products are stored in the correct conditions. The System uses wireless communications to send temperature data for immediate viewing on a PC.

STD Pharmaceutical Products is a family run business formed in 1967 to supply a novel sclerosant (injectable medicine) to surgeons for the non-surgical treatment of varicose veins. The company currently promotes a range of sclerotherapy products, antiperspirants and also offers treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). This includes tap water iontophoresis machines, a non-invasive procedure which passes a low voltage electric current through the hands or feet using a water bath. Both products offer patients genuine alternatives to surgical procedures.

Some of the company's products require storage conditions below 25°C, and the temperature has to be constantly monitored to ensure the product remains compliant. Six radio data loggers, some incorporating two probes, are located in the main warehouse at different height levels; there is a clear difference of 2°C between the differing levels. A logger is also located in the cold store to identify any temperature deviation within that area, and there is also one in the server room to help protect the IT systems from overheating.

The data is analysed on a monthly basis unless an alarm is automatically generated by the logging system. If this occurs, steps have to be taken immediately to investigate if any product could be at risk. An annual report is produced in line with current MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) guidelines for the company's Wholesaler Dealers Licence.

STD Pharmaceutical Products initially selected Gemini Data Loggers due to the information and experience that was readily available. The radio system proved to be the most flexible as the loggers can be situated wherever required, and they support each other by automatically re-routing the signal (or recording locally) if it is blocked or the battery has died, so the data is not lost. The radio loggers all feed into one hub, which is linked to the company's server. Additional loggers and probes can be added if required at a later date making the system very flexible.

Louise Payne of STD Pharmaceuticals commented, "We are very satisfied with the results of the loggers; previously we used loggers which recorded the minimum and maximum temperatures for the previous day. Tinytag radio loggers use real time, and are also able to log historic data: if there is an issue an automated alarm can be sent direct to our e-mail, mobile device or telephone, and the software is simple and effective to use."

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