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Regular plant and equipment monitoring helps energy efficiency improvements

Regular power usage monitoring of plant and equipment in industrial facilities can perform an important role in ongoing energy efficiency schemes.

The Tinytag Energy Logger records electricity consumption in industrial premises, and can be an important tool in finding out where energy is used. The results can help to improve energy performance and cost savings.

Tinytag Energy Logger in situ recording power usage

Regular monitoring with the Tinytag Energy Data Logger has proved effective for European Freeze Dry, a leading multi-product freeze drying facility and speciality freeze drying services provider. As part of its overall energy efficiency scheme, European Freeze Dry monitors the energy consumption of all plant and equipment at its site.

Irmina Wdowka, a maintenance engineer at European Freeze Dry, uses the energy logger as an important tool in discovering where energy is used. With this information, areas where energy efficiency can be improved can be targeted and information can be gained about how operators use equipment. This presents an opportunity to improve operations, again leading to increased efficiency.

The energy logger is used in 24 hour periods on equipment such as vacuum pumps, vacuum boosters, air compressors and pumps. The recorded data is analyzed to identify areas where usage or loading of equipment can be reduced. Where modifications to systems or practices are implemented, the equipment will be monitored again to quantify savings and efficiencies.

Irmina comments "We choose the energy logger as it is easy to use, has all our required options and enough memory space. It meets all our predicted requirements. We are very pleased with its operation: it performs well at our site and has greatly assisted in our overall efficiency scheme."

For over 45 years, European Freeze Dry has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in freeze drying applications. The company specialises in supplying a considerable range of food ingredients and additionally offers modified atmosphere packing, milling, blending and sieving options. Customers range from large food suppliers and manufacturers, through to speciality chemical and biological processors and nutraceutical businesses. Alongside this, they have launched the successful Mountain House range of freeze dried food.

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