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Understanding power usage and energy efficiency in high consumption facilities

For higher consumers of electricity such as those in the manufacturing sector, power usage monitoring and energy efficiency measures are of particular importance.

The Tinytag Energy Logger is a portable data recorder which can be used to monitor electricity consumption in individual pieces of equipment in order to help identify where potential energy usage savings can be made.

Tinytag Energy Logger for electricity consumption monitoring

Celab, based in Hampshire, designs and manufactures high reliability power supplies for military and commercial applications. With 2000m2 of manufacturing space housing a variety of equipment and processes, Celab are a relatively high user of electricity, typically 55,000-70,000KWH/month. Richard Clifford, Quality Manager at Celab, purchased a Tinytag Energy Logger in order to understand the power usage of individual pieces of equipment.

The Energy Logger has been used to monitor the equipment and to identify where potential energy usage savings can be made. As a result, various changes will be implemented in the future.

Celab chose the Energy Logger primarily as a straightforward means of measuring three phase power consumption. Richard comments, "We have found the data logger easy to use. Three phase measuring has involved gaining access to the individual phases within the equipment housings. Compiling measurements has taken some time as we have needed periods of equipment downtime in order to gain access: however the results we have obtained have allowed us to identify where savings can be made, particularly when equipment is in idle mode".

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