Monitoring Electrical Consumption Across a Large Hospital Estate

Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust is using the Tinytag Energy Logger to monitor electrical consumption across a large hospital estate.

Power usage of a range of electrical equipment is recorded to provide detailed consumption profiles and to help reduce energy usage.

Energy logger for monitoring electrical consumption

The Trust uses the Energy Logger to monitor electrical distribution and provide sub-metering information across the sizable and diverse Hospital Estate. The site incorporates a range of electrical distribution equipment that makes up the overall network. The Energy Logger is used regularly on numerous low voltage (LV) panels, typically attached to the incoming LV cables in the back of the panels. The recorded data forms part of power usage reports, and is used to help determine equipment sizing (generators). The information provided also assists with the Trust's energy reduction drive.

Nicholas Lane, Estates Operational Manager at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust comments, "We are extremely pleased with the Energy Logger: we have found it reliable and easy to operate. It takes a minimal amount of time to set the logger up and the coils are easily attached to the incoming cables."

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