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Tinytag temperature data loggers help meet stringent meat processing regulations

Tinytag radio data loggers provide essential temperature monitoring for a leading meat manufacturer during cold storage and refrigerated distribution.

Wireless temperature data loggers are used from initial monitoring of meat coming in for processing, through cold storage and warehousing, to temperature controlled distribution. Effective monitoring ensures quality standards including HACCP measures are adhered to throughout the cold chain.

When it comes to meat processing, A1 Bacon takes their hygiene responsibilities seriously. A simple issue in ambient temperature could mean product contamination, bad press and at worst, closure. To help them comply with tough food processing regulations and also their own rigorous internal best practices, A1 Bacon chose the Tinytag Wireless Data Logging System because of its simplicity of set up and operation, and its cost-effectiveness in helping them meet their food hygiene goals.

A1 Bacon, like any food processor, needs to be concerned about the ambient temperature surrounding meat coming in for processing, the storage of that food before and after processing, and the ambient temperature when transporting the finished product to its final destination.

A1 Bacon set up their own Total Quality System, with 35 stringent procedures to ensure a safe and hygienic workplace and transportation fleet. A total of 20 Tinytag self-configuring, wireless radio data loggers were placed in the specific points around premises and delivery trucks where temperature needed to be monitored. Data is then automatically sent from each logger to a central receiver connected to a PC on the network. This means that manual download of each data logger is eliminated and data from one logger, a group of, or all data loggers can be analysed at any time from a computer on the network or through the Internet. Should a temporary obstruction or interruption occur within the transmission of data, for example, a delivery truck with a radio logger installed has left the premises, then the data is stored locally until the logger is within range again or the truck is back in the yard and the logged data automatically offloads to the central receiver. The peace of mind that data can never be lost appeals to A1 Bacon.

Comments Robert Cannon, MD of A1 Bacon: "While we speak, and with Tinytag Explorer Connect software, I can look at my PC and - in two clicks - have access to the temperature reading of the lorries in my yard that are in range with the receiver and I can be assured that the temperature in those lorries is correct for the produce they are carrying. Furthermore, when the rest of the fleet comes back from the deliveries and park in the yard where it is back in range with the receiver, stored daily data is automatically sent to my PC where it can be analysed. I run a successful, busy company and the ease with which I can get assurance of ambient temperature remotely, from anywhere in my factory, or my fleet in the yard, is one less headache for me".

Another valuable benefit for produce that has to satisfy rules and regulations is the remote alarm signalling. In the food processing industry, ambient temperatures need to be monitored 24/7, so if no one is on site, at night for example, any problem with the temperature monitoring will alert a nominated person by e-mail or SMS, enabling them to take corrective action.

A1 Bacon chose to implement their own Total Quality System, which in turn led to a labour and cost saving data logging choice, in order to attain their own produce quality goals and to ensure that they complied with UK and European Food and Hygiene Laws, to include HACCP, the Food Safety Act 1990, Food Hygiene Regulations 2006, General Food Regulations 2004 and regulations of the European Parliament and the Council.

Concludes Terry Booke, Quality Control Manager at A1 Bacon, "The Tinytag Explorer Connect Software and the wireless mesh data logging system means that we can keep in control of ambient temperatures with little management intervention. In turn, this assures us that we can comfortably meet our own quality goals and those of external governing bodies."

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