Temp/RH data loggers monitor thermal comfort levels in domestic dwellings

Tinytags are used to monitor temperature and relative humidity in domestic dwellings to study thermal comfort levels.

Recording and analysing temp/RH levels identifies spikes, to help determine the risk of damp and mould in and outside properties.

Tinytag Plus 2 data logger temp/RH monitoring for domestic properties

Tinytag data loggers are helping thermographic survey specialist iRed gather detailed information about temperature and relative humidity levels in domestic properties. The recorded data highlights spikes, and is combined with thermal images and a process called Thermal Indexing to calculate the risk from mould and damp. Tinytag Ultra 2 TGU-4500 data loggers are used at various locations indoors, while Plus 2 TGP-4520 data loggers are used to record outside temperatures used as part of the thermal indexing equation.

Tim Mammatt is the Technical Manager at iRed and chose the units as they were cost-effective, compact and portable. Tim comments, "We use Tinytag data loggers for a number of different applications as they are compact, accurate and have a decent battery life. The collected data is easy is to analyse and combined with data from our thermal imaging cameras, we can accurately determine the risk of condensation and mould."

The image shows a Tinytag Plus 2 data logger located outside the property. The pdf file shows a typical thermal image which demonstrates the patterns that iRed need to determine: notice the large gradient from floor to ceiling.

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Monitor indoor environmental conditions with a Tinytag Ultra 2 temperature and relative humidity data logger.

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