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Tinytags help ensure correct relative humidity levels for quality hardwood floors

Tinytag temperature and humidity data loggers monitor hardwood floors during manufacture and installation.

Tinytag data loggers are being used by a quality manufacturer to monitor hardwood floor humidity and temperature, to determine whether the stated terms and conditions for the flooring have been maintained.

The specialist bespoke hardwood floor company is using Tinytags to ensure its high quality timber products are installed and stored in the correct conditions. The company manufactures, installs and finishes bespoke hardwood engineered timber floors, joinery and stairs for domestic, commercial and institutional use.

Tinytag Plus 2 temperature and relative humidity loggers are used to monitor the conditions both on site and in the company's workshop. All the flooring is preconditioned in the workshop to a certain moisture content. If it is taken to site where the humidity is too high, it will take on too much moisture and the flooring will warp. After completion, if there are situations where the floor is cupping or bowing, the recorded data from the loggers will show whether conditions were too humid. In this way it can be determined whether the site conditions were outside the stated terms and conditions for the flooring.

The environment is also monitored inside the company's own workshop, to determine that other materials are not stored outside their recommended temperature range.

Their Assistant Project Manager comments, "We first came across Tinytags whilst working at a national museum in London. The main contractor had a few located in each gallery, and after seeing the graphs they produced we thought it would be a good idea to get a few of our own to monitor future sites. They are incredibly easy to use and set up, and they are also strong enough to cope with all your typical building site has to throw at them, recording accurate results even when caked in dust and paint spatter!"

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