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Tinytags monitor temp/RH conditions during refrigerated transport

Tinytag are used to monitor temperature and humidity of plants in insulated packaging during temperature controlled distribution.

A plant wholesaler relies on Tinytags to monitor temperature and humidity when exporting, to ensure plants maintain their freshness and quality during refrigerated distribution.

Tinytag temperature data loggers monitor conditions for plants during export

Many exporters need to know that their products will arrive in the same excellent condition in which they left, especially when transporting goods that require constant conditions to maintain their freshness or quality.

Goods being transported need to be received exactly as they were packed, but when these are perishable, it is extremely difficult to maintain a stable environment. Tinytag data loggers provide the solution to this common problem by monitoring temperature and humidity to ensure they do remain constant.

Exportation temperature control was a particular issue for Guernsey Clematis Nursery Ltd. a plant wholesaler who exports to the USA and Canada. Export laws stipulate that all plants entering the country must do so with no soil around the roots, making them particularly vulnerable to dehydration. Plants must also be kept as cool as possible, but without freezing. Guernsey Clematis Nursery Ltd. enlisted the help of Tinytag Data Loggers to monitor the condition of their plants in transit.

Tinytag Data Loggers are compact, robust and rugged, splash and dust-proof, so they can be placed in any location to ensure optimum measurements are provided.

"The Tinytag loggers are very useful for our business, as they allow us to monitor the temperature of the consignment all the way through the trip", said Lindsey Reid, Sales Manager at Guernsey Clematis Nursery. "We place a device in one of the insulated boxes used to dispatch the plants and ask our customers to return it with a questionnaire, so we can log the data. Any deviation in temperature will alert us to a potential problem and we will investigate the cause. Once, when the Tinytag recorded a spike in temperature, using the information recorded, i.e. date and time, we were able to trace the problem to a heater which the plants had been placed beside in a freight warehouse."

Tinytags are suitable for a variety of import and export situations where humidity or temperature must be kept as stable as possible. Tinytag Data Loggers are lightweight, making them ideal for airfreight and transportation where weight is a particular issue.

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