Comparing readings between thermometers and an automatic weather station

A Tinytag data logger is being used to help compare temperature readings between mercury thermometers and an Automatic Weather Station.

The robust data logger is designed for outdoor monitoring, and records the temperature over time to provide a comparison between the value of mercury thermometers and an automatic weather station temperature probe.

Tinytag Plus 2 temperature monitoring in an automatic weather station

Climate observer Keith Johnson is using the Tinytag Plus 2 logger to compare the temperature readings of the mercury thermometers and the weather station probe. The logger is located in a Stevenson screen alongside the thermometers, recording temperatures every 30 minutes.

The readings are compared using tables and graphs. Some of the data gathered may be presented to the Climate Observers Link (COL), an organisation that has been publishing monthly reports of the weather for over 40 years. It has around 400 members consisting of mainly amateur meteorologists, but also many professionals and observers from schools, universities and research establishments. Information recorded by COL's members is displayed on their website and in the COL monthly bulletin.

Keith comments, "I heard about Tinytag from COL and I have found it to be robust and dependable. It has performed well and the Tinytag Explorer software which displays the recorded data is user friendly and reliable."

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