Assessing temperature/RH conditions in the workplace

Tinytag data loggers help build temperature profiles in offices and workplaces as part of facilities management operations.

Assessing temperature and relative humidity with Tinytags helps maintain the correct environmental conditions in the workplace, while Tinytag count loggers identify cold and hot water usage patterns.

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Calor Gas is the largest UK supplier of bottled and bulk liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), mainly supplying domestic and off-grid customers. Their head office accommodates approximately 250 staff, and Facilities Manager Bob Simmonds is responsible for ensuring that the correct environmental conditions are maintained in this and other company buildings across the UK. Five temperature and relative humidity loggers record conditions locally in buildings that may be suffering from unacceptable changes in temperature, to build up a pattern which can help determine the cause - or in most cases prove that it is a perceived change and not an actual change.

A count logger has also been used to assess usage patterns of cold and hot water in the head office, to assist with the design of a more energy efficient hot water system.

The loggers are not all being used continuously but are available to be deployed as necessary upon demand. Bob comments, "I chose Tinytags as a simple, cost-effective and user friendly but independent option that can be installed anywhere and left to gather data. They appear to be very robust units, after some ten years of use they are all operating well. The results are easy to use and interrogate, and transferring the data to an Excel format enables simple further data presentation."

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