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Monitoring temperature and relative humidity in x-ray storage warehouses

Tinytags monitor temperature and relative humidity to ensure archived X-Rays are stored in the correct conditions.

Environmental monitoring in secure warehouse storage areas is essential to prevent the degradation of the X-Ray images, in order to ensure their ongoing preservation.

Scan Film or Store Ltd uses Tinytag data loggers to monitor the temp/RH of X-rays which are held in storage for the aeronautical industry. These X-rays must be kept within a strict temperature and humidity range to prevent degradation of the images.

A Tinytag View 2 logger is located in each of the company's warehouses in Bridgwater and Yeovil. The data is reviewed monthly and records kept to be provided to customer auditors who visit regularly. There are penalties if readings fall outside of the prescribed storage parameters.

Tinytags were recommended to the company, who researched the products and were impressed with their ease of use, as well as the user friendly Tinytag Explorer software used for setting up and downloading the loggers. Mark Yates, MD of Scan Film or Store Ltd comments, "Tinytag loggers are a vital element in our maintaining the storage of extremely important X-rays of aircraft parts. They allow us to quickly and easily monitor and record temperature/RH levels, to prove our secure storage is within customer prescribed limits."

Scan Film or Store Ltd is a document management company offering document scanning in colour or black and white, from till receipt to A0 plan sizes. They offer book and x-ray scanning services and secure, managed document storage for over 12,000 archive boxes plus specialist data destruction of all electronic media. The company also provides microfilm, microfiche filming and processing and conversion of film to digital media.

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