Calibration certificates for Tinytag data loggers

Tinytag data loggers are guaranteed to meet the specification stated on their data sheets for a twelve month period from the point of sale. If required, additional calibration certificates traceable to National Standards may be purchased. These calibration certificates can be provided at the time of purchase, and Tinytags already in use can also be returned for a service calibration at any time, for a standard charge. For order codes and pricing, please see the attached price list.

Service Calibration

You can return your Tinytags for a service calibration at any time. As well as issuing a calibration certificate, the unit's battery and any seals or desiccant packs will be replaced. The lead time for service calibrations is 5-8 working days from the receipt of loggers.

We recommend that the calibration of a data logger should be checked annually. Critical or high accuracy applications may call for more regular checks however.

To return loggers for calibration please complete the Product Returns Form, or contact your local distributor. If your data logger has a probe this must be returned with the logger for calibration. All items returned to Gemini Data Loggers for calibration must be clean, disinfected, and free from potentially hazardous contamination; items not conforming to this condition will be rejected and returned to sender.

Please also follow the guidelines for transporting data loggers with lithium batteries.

Calibration (Time of Purchase)

You can purchase additional calibration certificates at the time of placing your order. Our standard calibration points (below) for temperature and humidity data loggers are used unless otherwise specified.

If a Tinytag data logger fails calibration by reading outside of the manufacturer's specification:

  • We will replace the logger free of charge if it is within its 12-month warranty, and recycle the old logger.
  • If the logger is older than 12 months, and a replacement logger is purchased within 30 days, we will offer a free calibration certificate for the newly purchased logger, and recycle the old logger.
  • When booking a calibration via the product returns form, you may choose to have any out-of-specification Tinytag data loggers and the associated calibration certificate returned to you.

Understanding Calibration

The calibration certificate provides verification that the data logger has been checked and has been found to be reading within the specification quoted on the unit's data sheet.

Data loggers are compared to a reference meter that has been calibrated in a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) approved laboratory.

The certificate lists the value recorded by the reference meter (the temperature or humidity at which the data logger was tested), the value recorded by the data logger and the error between the two readings (the certificate will also show readings before and after any adjustment made to the unit where appropriate). In addition to the reading information, calibration certificates also list the test method and the details of the equipment used to provide traceability back to National Standards.

In the case of humidity data loggers we always adjust this channel to reduce any reading errors as far as possible. This adjustment is performed at 20, 50 and 80%RH to give good overall accuracy across a logger's reading range. Loggers are not adjusted at customer specified points as this can give poor performance at other humidity levels. As above, before and after adjustment readings are quoted on the calibration certificate. For humidity calibrations, the tolerance can be up to ±5.0%RH from the requested calibration point.

Calibration certificates do not have a period of validity, they are simply a statement of what the unit was reading when it was tested.

Our standard calibration points are:

  • Temperature: 0 and 30°C
  • Humidity: 20 and 80 % RH (at 25°C)

These points have been chosen to give good coverage for general purpose use, but should other points be required we can calibrate units within the following ranges:

  • Temperature: -30 to +135 °C
  • Humidity: 20 to 90 % RH (at 25°C)

For CO2 loggers, our calibration points are:

  • 0 to 2000ppm units: 500, 1000 and 1500ppm
  • 0 to 5000ppm units: 500, 2500 and 4000ppm

For Energy Loggers, our calibration points cover a range of currents from 10 to 1000A per-phase in both the single and three phase modes of operation. Voltage, power and power factor readings are also tested.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for voltage and current loggers. Our standard points are:

  • 500mV and 2,000mV for 0 to 2.5V loggers
  • 5 and 20V for 0 to 25V loggers
  • 8 and 16mA for 0 to 20mA loggers

Please note: Your Tinytag data logger will require re-launching after calibration. See our 'How to use a data logger' support article if you need help launching the logger.

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