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Tinytag Energy — TGE-0001

TGE-0001 | Tinytag Energy Data Logger
TGE-0001 | Tinytag Energy Data Logger

Energy logger kit, with standard size coils (85mm diameter), to monitor single and three phase power supplies


  • Indoor
  • Industrial


  • 250V; 0 to 2000A AC

Product description

The Energy Logger monitors voltage and current, and determines power and power factor. Peak and average values can be recorded. Voltage is measured via the standard mains lead and current is measured using non-invasive flexible coils. It can be used for spot checks or longer term recording. The kit contains everything needed to start logging, including 3 standard size clip on Rogowski coils (85mm diameter), UK and Europe mains leads, a USB cable and Tinytag Explorer software.

This kit is also available with large coils (175mm) : TGE-0002

Please note: this product is only for sale in the UK, rest of Europe, and Australia.


  • Energy logger with standard coils
  • Voltage, current & power readings
  • Non-invasive
  • Compact and hand held
  • Highly accurate
  • Records for 6 weeks
  • Safe and straightforward
  • Started without computer
  • Magnet for attachment

Tinytag Explorer Software

The Energy Logger uses the same Tinytag Explorer software as our other data loggers; a copy is included in the kit. Tinytag Explorer is the Windows program to configure the logger and present the data. The licence covers unlimited users on one site.

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Calibration Certificates

You have the option of purchasing calibration certificates with our loggers. For the Energy Logger, calibration points cover a range of currents from 10 to 1,000A per-phase in both the single and three phase modes of operation. Voltage, power and power factor readings are also tested. If you don't order calibration, we guarantee the accuracy figures on our datasheets at the point of purchase.

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Help & Support

Technical support information including FAQs, manuals and documentation for this data logger

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Service Calibration

Calibration certificate from

Includes calibration, plus replacement of batteries and seals/desiccant packs (if present)

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