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Medical Starter Pack: Talk 2 Medical temperature data logger, software and USB cable

-40 to +85°C

This temperature data logger Starter Pack contains everything needed to start logging. The Talk 2 Medical logger (TK-4014-MED) monitors temperatures from -40 to +85°C using a built-in sensor. It is a simple, cost-effective solution for accurately recording and verifying storage conditions for pharmaceuticals and vaccines in medical fridges and freezers. The unit is compact and lightweight with a flashing red indicator that can be programmed to indicate if temperatures have deviated from a pre-defined range.

The pack contains: a Talk 2 Medical logger (TK-4014-MED); Tinytag Explorer software (SWCD-0040) and USB offload cable (CAB-0005-USB).

  • Usb
  • Splashproof
TK-4014-MED-SPK Tinytag Talk 2 Starter Pack containing medical temperature data logger, software and cable.TK-4014-MED  Tinytag Talk 2 temperature data logger for medical fridges

Monitoring Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations, on the storage of vaccines and maintenance of the 'cold chain', stipulate that vaccines should be stored and transported according to the manufacturers' recommended temperature range of +2 to +8°C until the point of administration. A small data logger that sits next to the vaccines to monitor temperature provides a straightforward and accurate solution.

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Tinytag Explorer Software

This is the easy to use Windows program needed to configure the logger and present the data. The Tinytag Explorer software licence allows unlimited users on one site.

Find out more about the Tinytag Explorer software

Calibration Certificates

You have the option of purchasing calibration certificates with our loggers. Standard measurement points are 0 and 30°C for temperature, 20 and 80 % RH (at 25°C) unless specified otherwise. If you don't order calibration, we guarantee the accuracy figures on our datasheets at the point of purchase.

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  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Splash-proof case (IP54)
  • Delayed start option
  • Compact design
  • 16,000 reading capacity
  • High reading resolution
  • User-programmable alarms
  • Low battery monitor
  • User-replaceable battery

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