Tinytag Ultra 2


  • Industrial
  • High Temperature
  • Cryogenic

Thermocouple Starter Pack: data logger, Tinytag Explorer software, USB offload cable and Type K thermocouple

-40 to +85°C/-270 to +1370°C

Includes probe

This Tinytag Ultra 2 thermocouple logger Starter Pack contains everything needed to start logging.

The TGU-4550 supports four types of thermocouple sensor - K, J, T and N - offering cost-effective and fast response monitoring from -200°C to +1370°C, depending on the type used. It also has a built-in temperature sensor (-40 to +85°C) allowing simultaneous monitoring of process and ambient temperatures. The connector supports standard and miniature thermocouple plugs.

This Pack contains: the thermocouple data logger (TGU-4550); Tinytag Explorer software (SCWD-0040); USB offload cable (CAB-0007-USB); and a Type K Themocouple (PB-4001-1M).

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Tinytag thermocouple data logger starter pack (logger, software & cable) - TGU-4550-SPKTinytag Ultra 2 temperature data logger with thermocouple - TGU-4550

Calibration Certificates

You have the option of purchasing calibration certificates with our loggers. Standard measurement points are 0 and 30°C for temperature, 20 and 80 % RH (at 25°C) unless specified otherwise. If you don't order calibration, we guarantee the accuracy figures on our datasheets at the point of purchase.

Find out more about Tinytag calibration


  • Thermocouple data logger
  • Burn out response
  • Automatic cold junction compensation
  • Type K thermocouple supplied
  • 28,000 reading capacity
  • High reading resolution
  • Fast data offload
  • User-programmable alarms

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