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Radio data logger bundle: 3 temp/RH loggers with built-in sensors, receiver, cable and software

-20 to +55°C/0 to 95%RH

This Radio bundle contains 3 x TR-3500 temperature/RH loggers, an Ultra Radio USB receiver, Tinytag Explorer Connect software, a USB cable and a mains adaptor. It contains everything you need to start logging.

The TR-3500 monitors temperatures from -20 to +55°C and 0 to 95% RH using built-in sensors. The logger's design makes it ideal for discreet indoor monitoring in a variety of buildings. It sends information via receiver to the computer managing the system.

Radio data loggers operate using wireless connectivity and can be mixed and matched with Tinytag Plus LAN Ethernet data loggers within an application to meet particular site layout and infrastructure requirements.

Please note: this product is only for sale in the EU and Australia.

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TR-3500-3SPK Tinytag Ultra Radio Bundle - 3 temperature and humidity data loggers, receiver, Connect software and cable.

Introduction to Tinytag Connect

Tinytag Connect is a central data management feature for Radio and LAN loggers giving users on a network remote access to data being recorded. Data is presented in the Tinytag Explorer Connect software: a viewing pane presents a global view of the monitoring application: information from multiple points can be easily accessed by any permitted user on a LAN, or over the internet by setting up VPN access to the computer running the system.

Connect functionality enables multiple loggers to be configured and downloaded simultaneously, and they record locally in the event of communications problems ensuring no data is lost. Alarm warnings, either audible or sent via email enable corrective action to be initiated.

Find out more about Tinytag Connect

Tinytag Explorer Software

This is the easy to use Windows program needed to configure the logger and present the data. The Tinytag Explorer software licence allows unlimited users on one site.

Find out more about the Tinytag Explorer software

Calibration Certificates

You have the option of purchasing calibration certificates with our loggers. Standard measurement points are 0 and 30°C for temperature, 20 and 80 % RH (at 25°C) unless specified otherwise. If you don't order calibration, we guarantee the accuracy figures on our datasheets at the point of purchase.

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  • Built in temp/RH sensor
  • Robust data network
  • Local recording
  • Easy to install
  • Remote alarm signalling
  • 100m typical range (line of sight)
  • High accuracy and reading resolution
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Low battery monitor

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