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Tinytag Ultra Radio Data Loggers

For indoor applications with multiple monitoring points, Tinytag Ultra Radio data loggers provide a simple and cost-effective wireless monitoring solution. Recorded data is automatically sent to a computer via a Tinytag Radio Receiver for immediate viewing in the Tinytag Explorer Connect software, eliminating the need for manual data collection and enabling unlimited users on a Local Network to access real-time data from the convenience of their desks. As part of the Tinytag Connect system, Tinytag Ultra Radio data loggers can be used together with Tinytag Plus Radio and Plus LAN data loggers in one wireless data logging system. Data loggers in the Tinytag Ultra Radio range can measure temperature, relative humidity, low voltage, current and count (pulses). Voltage, current and count loggers can be used with third party sensors to record custom properties such as pressure, flow rates and footfall. To refine your search, please use the filter on the left side of this page.

TR-3201 Tinytag Ultra Radio low temperature data logger for PT1000 probe

Tinytag Ultra Radio - TR-3201

-200 to +100°C Requires PT1000 Probe

  • Indoor
  • Freezer
  • Cryogenic
  • Radio
  • Connect

Discreet, indoor radio very low temperature data logger for use with PT1000 probe

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