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Tinytag View 2 Data Loggers

For some applications it is necessary to have instant access to current readings as well as the ability to analyse recorded data over time. In these instances the Tinytag View 2 provides the solution with its integral digital display. Loggers in the range measure variables such as: temperature, relative humidity, current and voltage. Units suitable for thermistor, PT100, PT1000 and temp/RH probes are also available. Please refine your search using the filter on the left of this page.

TV-4104 Tinytag View 2 high temperature data logger with digital display for PT100 probe

Tinytag View 2 - TV-4104

-50 to +300/600°C Requires PT100 Probe

  • Indoor
  • High Temperature
  • Usb
  • Splashproof

High temperature data logger with display, for use with a PT100 probe

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