Indoor temperature or temp/RH logger

Choosing a Tinytag temperature/humidity data logger for indoor monitoring

There are many Tinytag indoor temperature loggers available, some of which monitor both temperature and RH, so it is important to carefully define your requirements to choose the correct one for your application:

Data loggers for indoor temperature monitoring

If the logger is to be used in a building for monitoring the temperature/RH in an office, workplace, school or museum, consider a lightweight and splash-proof unit such as the Ultra 2 (rated to IP54). These loggers are more economical than fully waterproof units and are suitable for all but the harshest indoor environments.

Data loggers with a readable display

If a data logger with a built in display is required for access to current readings, select a Tinytag View 2. These units are splash proof and protected against dust, and also have a convenient aperture for hanging up for easy viewing.

Data loggers for transportation

If you are storing or transporting products and need a lightweight, compact logger, consider the cost-effective Transit 2. The Transit 2, along with the View 2 TV-4020 model, is ideal for use in the chilled or frozen foods sectors as they are BS EN 12830 compliant.

Submersible data loggers for high temperatures

If you are looking for a logger for use in a dishwasher or washer disinfector, then consider the Tinytag Splash 2, a fast time response unit, which has been designed for this specific application.

Affordable data loggers for general monitoring

Talk 2 loggers are small and very cost-effective and are frequently used for monitoring medical fridges and freezers, as well a general indoor monitoring.

Data loggers for manufacturing/industrial environments

For harsh environments indoors, for example in an industrial/manufacturing environment, or in a greenhouse, consider a more rugged, dustproof and waterproof logger such as the Tinytag Plus 2 (rated to IP68), making them ideal for use in damp or wet environments.

Larger premises and remote data access

For temperature/RH monitoring in larger-scale indoor facilities, or where remote data access is required, Tinytag Ultra Radio or LAN data loggers are a cost-effective solution. Data is sent automatically for immediate viewing on a PC by any permitted user connected to a LAN, with no need to manually download data.

Data loggers with probes

For very high/low temperature monitoring, rapidly changing temperatures and hard to reach areas you should consider a logger with an external probe. There is a wide variety available including:

  • Loggers with Thermistor probes: suitable for general purpose monitoring. The probes are designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications; probes include surface probes for the recording of pipe work temperatures and armoured probes for use in meat processing.
  • Loggers with PT100 probes: suitable for high temperatures up to 600°C, loggers are ideal for oven or industrial process monitoring.
  • Loggers with PT1000 probes: suitable for low temperatures down to -200°C, loggers are ideal for freezer or cryogenic applications.

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