Outdoor temperature or temp/RH logger

Choosing a Tinytag temperature/humidity data logger for outdoor monitoring

There are many Tinytag outdoor temperature loggers available, some of which monitor both temperature and RH, so it is important to carefully define your requirements to choose the correct one for your application:

Weatherproof data loggers

Many Tinytags are designed to monitor outdoors, in a wide range of applications including climate/environmental monitoring, wildlife habitats, agricultural processes, aquatic areas and composting sites. The Plus 2 is rugged and waterproof (rated to IP68). The majority of our IP68 units withstand immersion to 15m, making them ideal for use in damp or wet environments or to being left out in the rain, buried in soil etc.

Data loggers for use with a Stevenson Screen

For some less exposed applications, IP54 rated loggers such as the Ultra 2 can also be used outdoors, if sheltered from direct water jets by our Stevenson Screen. Similarly if you need a data logger with a built-in display, the Tinytag View 2 logger is IP65 rated and can also be used in suitable outdoor locations.

Submersible data loggers

The Tinytag Aquatic 2 is designed specifically for aquatic use. It is waterproof to 500m, making it ideal for monitoring underwater environmental conditions.

Larger sites and remote data access

For temperature/RH monitoring in larger-scale outdoor facilities with many monitoring points, or where remote data access is required, Tinytag Plus Radio data loggers are a cost-effective solution. Data is sent automatically for immediate viewing on a PC, with no need to manually download data.

Data loggers with probes

For general purpose temperature monitoring, rapidly changing temperatures, composting sites and hard to reach areas you should consider a logger with an external thermistor probe.

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