Exporting Data From Tinytag Explorer

Recorded data can be exported from Tinytag Explorer for use in other applications.

Data can be exported either by saving it in a different file format or by using copy and paste.

Information displayed in any of the tabular views - Table of Readings, Information and Daily Min/Max - can be exported as a whole or in part (the tabular views behave in a similar way to a spreadsheet allowing you to select the data you wish to export).

Using copy and paste, data can be exported directly from these views into third-party applications.

Additionally, data can be exported in different file formats by going to File and Export (the different types of save format include .xls, .xml, .txt, and .csv).

The graph view can also be exported as an image for use in reports and publications.

For further information on how to export data from Tinytag Explorer, please see the Exporting Data section of the Tinytag Explorer Help file.

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