How to use a Tinytag

A brief overview about how Tinytags work, including the question of calibration

Using a Tinytag

Tinytags are very easy to use, simply:

  • Install the Tinytag Explorer software, then connect the logger to your PC using a USB cable (or an inductive pad for some units).
  • Use the Explorer software to set up and activate the logger. During set up, you can add a description to label the data, and set the logging interval (that is, the time between each reading is taken), and set an alarm indication if readings fall outside a user-defined range.
  • Once set up is complete, the logger is ready to use. Unplug the logger and place it where it is going to record.
  • To offload the data from the logger at the end of the period of recording, connect it to the computer again and use the 'Get Data' option.
  • Data is initially displayed as a graph, but it can also be displayed as a table of readings, and summary information. Graphs and tables can easily be printed, copied and pasted, or exported into other software packages for report writing purposes.


Tinytag data loggers are guaranteed to meet the specification stated on their data sheets for a twelve month period from the point of purchase. If required, additional validation certificates traceable to national standards may be purchased. These calibration certificates can be provided at the time of purchase. Tinytags already in use can also be returned for a service calibration at any time, for a standard charge.

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