Temp/RH Monitoring for Industrial, Manufacturing and Process Applications

The Tinytag range of data loggers includes units designed for temperature/RH monitoring in harsh environments and those experiencing extremes of temperature.

These rugged, waterproof and dustproof devices include both standalone and radio/LAN data loggers and are ideal for use in industrial, manufacturing, process and cryogenic applications. The range includes dual channel loggers for simultaneously monitoring both temperature and relative humidity.

Choice of Probes

Accompanying probes are available for applications experiencing very high or very low temperatures, for monitoring product core temperatures, for comparing ambient and process temperatures, and for awkward to reach areas such as pipework. There is a choice of thermistor, PT1000, PT100 and dual temperature/RH probes with different designs, specifications and cables to meet varied demands.

The thermistor range offers a choice of probes monitoring between -40 and +125°C and many are waterproof and dustproof to IP68. High temperature PT100 probes monitor from -50 to either +300°C or +600°C, while low temperature PT1000 probes monitor from as low as -200°C to as high as +100°C. Temp/RH probes are supplied with the data logger and monitor from -25 to +85°C, and 0 to 100% RH.

Standalone Data Loggers

For standalone loggers - which record data downloaded to a PC via a USB cable - the Tinytag Plus 2 family of temperature and RH data loggers is the 'workhorse' of the range and typically used in applications such as these. Its rugged case is made from a PC/ABS blend, and the communication sockets, probe sockets and LED lenses are ultra-sonically welded into place enabling it to operate reliably in high temperature and humidity environments.

The Tinytag View 2 range is another popular choice, with a rugged design and a similar choice of probes. It also incorporates a digital display showing current readings as well as recording data over time, which may be important for some applications. For the food industry, the Tinytag View 2 TV-4020 unit is tested to BS EN 12830 to meet the requirements of frozen and chilled foods storage and transportation.

A thermocouple data logger is available for process and industrial applications that require a fast-response, versatile, low-cost monitoring solution. The TGU-4550 supports four types of thermocouple sensor - K, J, T and N - monitoring from -200 to +1370°C, depending on the type used. It also has a built-in temperature sensor (-40 to +85°C) allowing simultaneous monitoring of process and ambient temperatures, and the connector supports standard and miniature thermocouple plugs.

For applications requiring a waterproof high temperature logger, the Tinytag Splash 2 is an effective solution, recording from -30 to +105°C. It has a high visibility yellow case with a short external probe for fast response times.

Radio/LAN data loggers

Tinytag Radio and LAN loggers gather data automatically for viewing by any permitted user on a LAN. They are ideal for applications requiring remote data access or with multiple monitoring points.

Plus Radio data loggers are rugged, weatherproof units designed for outdoor, industrial and warehousing applications. They offer a wide range of measurement and input options including temperature and temp/RH. There are units with one, two or four thermistor probes; one or two temp/RH probes; and one or two PT100 and PT1000 probes. This provides monitoring for ambient, cold chain and cryogenic applications, as well as oven and process monitoring.


Tinytag data loggers are guaranteed to meet the specification stated on their data sheets for a twelve month period from the point of sale. For some critical or high accuracy applications, additional calibration certificates traceable to national standards may be purchased. If this is the case, we recommend that loggers are calibrated annually: however this may vary depending on the demands of the particular application and individual quality standards.

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